Theme Ideas for a Summer Party

Summer parties are the essence of life, and with a little careful planning and creativity, the event can really be a success. A theme gives you a model to follow, and makes arranging the party quite straightforward.  The list of possible themes is endless, and of course, one wants to come up with a concept that works with the guest list, so here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Country and Western

Everyone owns a pair of jeans and a patterned shirt, and with the easy-going attitude and casual manner of a country get together, the party mood is easy to attain. We all love country music, so make up a playlist, and you have the perfect audio backing for your cowboy night. The menu should be very earthy, with toasted bread, and a barbeque in the corner that churns out steaks and ribs all night long. Visit the local farmer and get some dried straw, which can be scattered around the main area, adding that touch of a ranch-style barn party.

Gangsters and Molls

Always a favourite, as it gives both the guys and the girls a chance to be bad, so expect to see some well-dressed types, sporting black suits and dark glasses. Cigar smoking hoodlums carrying violin cases might make the neighbours a little worried, so invite them as well, that way your car parking problems are solved. Overly made up chicks will make the party look glamorous, and don’t forget to find some props, such as pistol cigarette lighters and bullets in envelopes to make the occasion realistic.

Vicars and Tarts

A favourite adult party theme, a vicar and tarts party allows everyone to be witty, with some hilarious costumes that are guaranteed to make the atmosphere even naughtier. It isn’t difficult to hire such a costume, and you might want to source a good costume supplier and include the contact details in with the invitation.

Theme Ideas for a Summer Party1

The essentials

Whatever your chosen concept, things like the menu, drinks and ice, all have to be arranged. If you host parties often, or have a large family, you might want to consider buying an ice machine. Hoshizaki have been making quality ice machines for more than four decades, and with a range of sizes, there will be something ideal for any home owner.

Fancy dress

Of course, a great idea is to throw the party concept open, allowing your guests to come as anything they please, as long as it isn’t their normal self. Some folks can be very imaginative, so expect some crazy costumes. It might be an idea to have a contest for the best dressed guests, with a male and female category, and of course the children, if any are in attendance. You might want to arrange a special room, as many people like to change at the end of the evening, before driving home. While most of us are quite brave, driving home in a Donald Duck outfit might prove too much for some!

Whatever theme you choose, try to incorporate it into every aspect of the party, and with some careful thought and planning, the event is bound to be a success.