How to Choose a Heart Shaped Engagement Ring

Thanks to the changing trends, there is an increased demand for sapphire engagement rings in place of diamond ones. Previously diamond rings were in vogue but thanks to celebrities adorning their fingers with sapphires, increasing number of brides to be are opting for the bring blue colored sapphire engagement ring.

There are a number of cuts that you can opt for when purchasing a sapphire ring such as the pear shape, the emerald cut or the oval cut. However, if you wish to make your ring unique then you should opt for the heart shaped engagement rings as they symbolize love and romance, furthermore, the heart cut offers a lot of amazing fire and flash. If you have fallen in love with such a kind of heart shaped rings, then you should learn more about and choose the one that best suits you using the following tips.

Due to the latest computer models and laser cutting tools, it has become possible to craft superior heart shaped sapphire rings with extreme fire and brilliance. To get the heart cut, the gemstone is first cut into the pear shape and then the cut is further modified on the top, rounded edge to create a cleft. This in turn creates the magnificent heart shape.

Usually, heart shaped gemstones have 58 facets, however a few have 57 or even 59 facets depending on the size and shape of the gemstone.

There are a number of pros when it comes to engagement rings in the charming heart style. While the shape itself is timeless, the heart cut on a finger looks very unique. They look charming whether in small or large sizes. Furthermore, these rings are available in a range of prices that may suit your budget perfectly.

Choose a Heart Shaped Engagement Ring1

These rings look good in a number of styles, from simple sapphire engraved or Celtic bands. And since this kind of cut is challenging and unique, heart shaped engagement rings only increase in value with time. You can even team it with other beautiful gemstones to create your own unique design.

The only issue faced with this kind of ring is the availability and setting issue. This kind of sapphires are not always set properly and thus can catch on clothing and hair. Since high quality heart shape cuts are difficult to achieve, they are not available easily. Furthermore, another thing to remember is that the heart cut will also magnify the flaws in the gemstone, such as color tints or scratches and therefore it is important that only top grade sapphires be used for this purpose.

The best setting for a heart shaped ring is the bezel setting and the 3 prong setting as it provides maximum security.