Can shoes cause knee pain?

Shoes are our favorite. We have different pairs of shoes. We all have a variety of shoes which differs in designs, styles, trends and more. But the priority which we seek while purchasing a shoe is a comfort. Even if we like a shoe too much, we don’t buy it until it provides us ultra comfort while walking. We can’t walk in a shoe which does not provide us comfort. Comfort comes first.

If we don’t wear correct type of shoes according to our feet, then it is bound to cause severe pain on our feet. These reasons prove that whether shoes can cause us knee pain or not.

  1. Uneven Sole – If our shoes have uneven sole or in simple words, the shoes which have heels are more likely to cause knee pain. This is because it makes our feet tilt and not stay at a platform level. As much as the heel is high, the pain is likely to be more because it creates a lot of strain on the feet. Heels change the position of the femur bones and so pressure increases on the joints and especially the knees. So, high heels cause much knee pain. Catwalk shoes have a wide and super stylish range of flat foot wears.
  2. Athletic Shoes – There are two types of athletic shoes. They are minimalistic shoes and stability shoes. The stability shoes are more on the rigid side which decreases the foot as we walk. The minimalistic shoes are flatter and thinner, and it makes the walk more natural. So, you must wear that type of athletic shoe which suits your feet type. If it is not done properly, you are bound to get knee pain because of the wrong choice of running footwear.
  3. Boots – Boots do not cause any pain to our feet because they are super comfortable and highly recommended. But, there are various kinds of boots available in the market. And one must need to buy those boots which suit your feet. If you have longer legs, then it is appropriate for you to wear knee length boots, but if you are short height or have shorter legs, you must not go for heavy knee-length These can cause pressure on your knees and hence would lead to knee pain. You can stick to ankle length boots or knee length boots of soft material.

These were some of the reasons which show that wrong selection of shoe can cause severe knee pain. If you do not choose shoes according to your feet structure, you can end up having serious joint pains. Also, heels are one of the major reasons for having knee pain. To reduce present or future knee pains, you must avoid heels. If you love heels too much, then you should switch to platform heels or wedges because they are on a straight level and do not intend your feet to tilt and bear pressure.